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About Design Sense Media

Design Sense Media is the portfolio website for Dean A. Keesey, User Interface Engineer, Designer, Architect.

Design Sense Media provides User Interface design and engineering expertise to companies with large public facing websites, marketing content and applications. I focus on front-end software engineering and design best practices in ways that are friendly to business stake-holders. I write HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, employing libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, jQuery plug-ins, YUI, Twitter Bootstrap, Modernizr, responsive design, MVC Javascript frameworks, CSS pre-processing, Code Igniter and Git. I have worked with industry verticals such as Financials, Medical, Gaming, Bio-tech, Education, Ad serving and Web Agencies.

With decades of experience in the software industry, and a passion for discovering how humans interact best with media and technology, I bring deep multi-faceted experience to your tech strategy and execution. Download my RESUME in WORD (.doc) format.